Official vs. Unofficial Hospitality

You’ve been tasked with finding a hospitality package for your boss and their new clients. It’s your first time booking hospitality and you’ve searched every corner of the world wide web and have found what you think is a good deal. The hospitality provider isn’t official, but it’s all the same, right?

Wrong. Hundreds of people are disappointed every year when unofficial hospitality providers let them down. If they do get tickets, often they’re not what was advertised and don’t get us started on the hospitality side of things!

We never want you to have to face the trauma of dealing with unofficial providers, and would like to clear a few things up.


Official hospitality providers like us, are contracted by the governing body (e.g. The Rugby Football Union for Twickenham) to design, develop, market and sell hospitality experiences on their behalf.

This means that everything from the ticket and seating location, the food and beverages, to the service on the day are of the highest possible quality. With official providers, what you see is what you get – a memorable and stress-free experience.

As we work with sport governing bodies, the revenue generated from our hospitality packages is invested back into the sport.


Unofficial hospitality providers do not have a direct relationship with the event owners. There is no guarantee of the level of service they provide and facilities are often located offsite, sometimes miles away from the venue.

These hospitality suppliers usually have to rely on grey or black market routes to acquire tickets, which are likely to be of a much lower category than those provided via official channels. It also means that there’s no guarantee the seat you’re promised is the one you’ll get.


We hold more official appointments than any other hospitality provider. We take pride in our long-standing relationships with internationally-recognised event brands – they trust us to deliver the experience to match the occasion.

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