The Value of Face-to-Face Time

Rush in to an 8am Skype call. Check emails. Get an hour of work in. Conference call. More emails. Stand-up team meeting. Grab a sandwich whilst you check more emails. Another conference call. Instant message a colleague. Instagram a picture of your much-needed coffee. More emails. Call IT. Call your clients. Call IT again. Check emails. Go home. Sleep. Repeat.

The joys of working in a busy global world where digital communication rules. Face-to-face time is a rare and exclusive commodity that is given out with strict time slots. Yet we still need that human contact to build trust, candour and forge stronger working relationships.

Corporate hospitality – specifically sporting events – are not restricted by one or two hour windows. A day can be spent in a relaxed and inspirational setting, resulting in a more engaged and productive gathering.

Yes, corporate hospitality comes at a cost and a return on experience remains a business priority in all purchasing decisions. But how do you quantify the value of a positive and memorable brand message? Can you put an ROI against hours of engaging and entertaining face-time with your clients?

For more information on corporate hospitality and its benefits, check out our infographic.

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