Three Little Letters That Can Change the World

What did you want to be when you were younger? Astronaut? Pop star? Vet? David Attenborough (or was that just my dream?!)? No matter what the answer, there’s one common thread – we all wanted to be remembered for something. In essence – we wanted to make a difference.

It was impossible for me to become David Attenborough so instead, I became a marketeer. I still want to change the world and, thanks to these three little letters, I can.

CSR; corporate social responsibility:

The continuing commitment by business to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the community and society at large.

Google Definition

In the 1950’s, it was a great idea; now, CSR is an integral strategic aspect of every business. By aligning efforts with each business’s individual goals, resources, skills, and areas of expertise, CSR programs become more streamlined, efficient, and allow individuals (and the business as a whole) to best benefit those they help.

Saying ‘we do lots of CSR’ isn’t enough anymore; with the coming of the social media age, the need for measuring outcomes of CSR projects has become increasingly important. Transparency is key, not only to provide leaders with accurate data to help drive decision-making, but also to help consumers make purchasing decisions.

CSR isn’t just about the huge projects (though they are greatly inspiring); it’s also about the small decisions you make as an employee that help ‘the cause’. Whether you swap the plastic fork for one you brought from home; volunteer for charitable causes; or make informed decisions on your hospitality options to support your CSR strategy – every little helps.

Organisations such as England Rugby are leading the way in CSR projects; bringing what they have to the table and showing their customers exactly where the money goes. All matchday hospitality contributes to the continued investment in English Rugby and, as the official hospitality provider inside the stadium, Keith Prowse are a part of that. Last year, England Rugby funded numerous grassroots projects, and here are some of the outcomes.

Good for Rugby

Last year, the Lawn Tennis Association worked with over 25,000 volunteers, 4,000 accredited coaches, 977 officials, 34 local authorities, 38 county associations, 2,662 registered clubs, 259 colleges and 63 universities across the country to develop and grow the came in communities, clubs and schools.

Many of our other venues are also committed to investing in the local community with support in local charities and grassroots reinvestment in sports.


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