The Gatsby Twist

With less than a week to go until The Championships, Wimbledon, all systems are go to get everything just right. The Gatsby Club is being built from scratch and all the delicious food you’ll be eating is being tested for final details.

We at Keith Prowse are nothing if not perfectionists, and we want your experience to be extra special. So, if that means we had to eat our weight in Martha Collison’s delightful cakes, then so be it!

We spent the afternoon with Martha at the Centre Court kitchen at Wimbledon to test out (i.e. eat) the cakes she’s designed exclusively for the Gatsby Club. Inspired by her new book, Twist (Harpercollins, 14 July 2016), Martha has created four cakes with that extra special #GatsbyTwist.

If you’re lucky enough to be in our Gatsby Club facility this year, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Martha as she puts the final touches on her #GatsbyTwist cakes, and taste the scrumptious delights. Seriously, we’ve taste-tested them all, they’re incredible!

So, without further ado, we introduce our lovely afternoon tea advisor, Martha Collison, and her four Gatsby Twists.

Warming ginger and twisty rhubarb cake


Taking the ginger cake to a whole new level of awesomeness, Martha has (literally) twisted rhubarb to add a lovely tart flavour that perfectly matches the ginger taste.

Summer Berry and chocolate layer cake

DSC_0298Imagine it, a gorgeous summer berry cake decorated with a light blackberry buttercream ombre, finished with fresh raspberries. What, I ask, could be more seasonal than that?

Caramelised nut cake

DSC_0109This nutty treat is for those who like their cakes with a crunch.*

Triple chocolate, passionfruit and cream cake

DSC_0113What could be more indulgent than a chocolate cake? How about a glorious chocolate cake, layered with sweet buttercream and tart passionfruit. The ultimate treat for any chocolate lover!

*Those with nut allergies must be aware of cross-contact before consuming cakes as trace elements of nuts, or other allergens, may be present.


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