Emily Roux: Set to WOW at Wimbledon

If you were at Chex Roux @ Blue Riband at the Investec Derby Festival this year, you would have witnessed a first in the hospitality world: three generations of Roux’s working together to create the ultimate dining experience.


As the newest addition to the Roux legacy, and rising star in the culinary world, Emily Roux has definitely made her mark on the hospitality world during the Investec Derby Festival. And she’s set to wow Gatsby Club guests at The Championships, Wimbledon this year too.

We sat down with Emily over a well-deserved cup of tea and talked about her experience at The Investec Derby Festival, as well as how she feels about catering for the Gatsby Club guests at The Championships, Wimbledon.


What was it like to cook at the ‘greatest flat race in the world’?
It was an absolutely amazing experience; the atmosphere is wonderful. The Derby itself has such an incredible history and I loved being a part of it this year.

Did you get to watch any of the races?
Just between you and me, I did sneak out of the kitchen to watch a couple of the races. It’s really gripping! The atmosphere is electric.

Did you put on a bet at all?
No, I wouldn’t really know where to start! I’m keeping my money safe for the time being, so I’ll stick to the cooking for now.

Wimbledon’s up next – have you been before?
No I’ve never been to Wimbledon, at least not whilst the tennis has been on. I’m really looking forward to it. Who doesn’t love strawberries and cream?

What do you most like about the event?
Well, it’s Wimbledon for a start! It’s one of our most iconic sporting competitions, and I’m quite active myself. I always try and catch the games when I’ve been at home but I’m excited to actually be there this year, particularly at The Gatsby Club. The live food stations there are very entertaining and should make for a very unique dining experience.

What signature dish are you preparing?
I am preparing a scallop dish, with pan seared avocado and a tangy citrus dressing. It’s got delicious, bold flavours – mouth-watering, if I do say so myself!

Who do you think will win Wimbledon?
It would be amazing to see the Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga win, and not just because he’s French!


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