Keith Prowse takes on the Olympics and wins…Sort of!

With the aim of reaching our £5K goal for Cancer Research, we’ve planned a series of events to raise money. The first? The Keith Prowse Charity Olympics. The entire company rallied and turned up at our local park for what was to be a very entertaining few hours.

Just look at them raring to go!

With lots of sports on offer: keepie uppie to paper-plane throwing, 100m sprint to the limbo – there was something for everyone to try. We even mangaed to raise £150.

But there were, as always, a few highlights.

Our New Business Sales Exectuve, Jordach, made like Bolt and raced ahead in the 100m sprint and the sack race. We’re pretty sure records were broken but, unfortunately, we were too busy cheering him on to actually time anything.

Though he didn’t win anything, a huge shout out must be given to Sales Manager, Chris Parrott, who took part in every contest. He definitely won the Gold medal for dedication and enthusiasm!

To avoid any team rivalries getting worse than they had already become; the tug of war turned into a mixed team event. Though both teams gave a herculean effort, it was the right team who stepped up to the plate and seized (literally) a win.

Finally, we simply can’t miss the contestants in the limbo challenge. Whether you came in first or last, you all deserve a medal for entertainment value – we haven’t laughed that much in ages!

If you were as entertained reading this as we were taking part, please dig deep and donate to a worthy cause. With your help, we can ensure more people beat cancer.

Donate here

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