Keith Prowse through the Ages

In six days we will be launching Keith Prowse’s new look. As we get everything ready for the big unveiling, I can’t help but look to the past. Where did Keith Prowse start and how far has it come? And, to get to the beginning, you have to wind the clocks back a few hundred years!

In 1830, a musical composer named Robert William Keith partnered up with a music publisher, William Prowse to form a theatre ticketing business originally named Keith, Prowse & Co. The pioneering company booked and held the best theatre seats for their clients so that they had the best experience with the least hassle.

From the very beginning, Keith Prowse were at the forefront of innovation and were one of the first companies to have a telephone installed. In 1911, the company opened the World’s first flight ticket booking office and, after a stint in music publishing, Keith Prowse branched out to focus on hospitality.


And the rest, as they say, is history. Over the next 50 years, Keith Prowse has continuously pushed the boundaries of hospitality and made your customer experience that extra bit special. With official appointments from the biggest sporting venues in the UK, it’s easy to see why we’re known as the market leaders in hospitality.

So before we can celebrate our new look, we need to toast our past. So here’s to Mr. Keith and Mr. Prowse!



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